Thursday, May 28, 2009

Having Trouble Finding a Job due to Frequent Deployments?

If so, Operation Life Transformed (OLT) is available to provide FREE education and resources to military spouses and caregivers.

Who is eligible?

Active duty military and their spouses, including National Guard and Reserves, War Wounded Caregiver, and Veterans and their spouses.

What kind of help does OLT give?

-OLT, provides funding for online education, and training certifications that lead to virtual positions or portable positions with immediate job placement with military friendly employers.

-OLT also provides direct access to Corporate Human Resource Managers and resume assistance, as well as arranging orientation visits with potential employers (Four weeks prior to graduation, potential employers are notified of graduation date, and students participate in pre-arranged orientation visit with potential employer, scheduled by OLT).

What courses are offered through OLT?

Pre-requisite Courses:
-Computer Literacy
-Basic Knowledge Skills

Medical:-Medical Terminology
-Medical Transcription
-Medical Coding
-Healthcare Administration

Internet Technology:
-PC Maintenance and Repair: Hardware
-PC Maintenance and Repair: Operating Systems
-Networking Essentials
-Server Essentials
-Wireless Essentials
-Security Essentials
-Career Essentials
-Linux Essentials
-Fundamentals of MySQL
-Office 2007 Fundamentals
-Dreamweaver Essentials
-Flash Essentials
-Photoshop Fundamentals

How do I get started?

Fill out the application, then either email to or fax it to (423) 547-3093.

Click here to download the application in Microsoft Word or PDF format.