Sunday, May 17, 2009

Case Lot Sale: One Reader's Experience!

I just received an email from one of my readers, Stephanie, describing her recent experience at a Case Lot Sale. Here is what she had to say:

M husband is in the Air National Guard and we don’t live on or near an active duty base. This case lot sale comes to us once a year, we don’t have a PX or a Commissary on base so it was a treat. Most things are in cases but not all. For example you could buy laundry detergent, velveeta cheese, bbq sauce and some canned goods individually.

Using my cpns worked out great! For example,I purchased a case of 6 large bottles of Ragu for $5.97. I was able to use 6 0.35 cent cpns that I had making it a real deal at .064 cents a jar!

I didn’t get there super early (I have 2 small children). But when I did arrive there were still several cpns available they were giving out. I was able to take advantage of some of them for example I purchased Hefty kitchen trash bags for $8.89 (85 ct box). I had a $1.00 cpn and she gave me a 0.40 cent cpn to use. I was able to use both making the final cost $7.49 for 85 bags!

Here is a quick summary of what I purchased

-3 boxes (12oz) Fruit loops and 3 boxes (12oz) Apple Jacks @ 1.99 each (Used 6 $1.00 cpns making them .99cents each)
-4 Lipton drink mixes @ $1.99 each (used 0.60 cent and 3, 0.40 cent cpns found at sale)
-1 Case Kraft Mac & Cheese individuals 18 per case$ 5.99 (Used Kraft $1.00 cpn )
-Velveeta Cheese $3.48 (Used $1.00 cpn)
-Kraft BBQ sauce (28oz) $1.00 (Uses $1.00 cpn )FREE
-Green Giant Green beans 5 cans at $1.05 per can = $5.25 (Used $2/5 found at sale)=$3.25 or 0.65 cents per can
-1 Case Kool-Aid Jammers (40per case) $7.49
-20 Big roll Charmin Basic $7.19 (used $1.00)=$6.19 or 0.30 cents per roll
-1 Large bag carrots $1.88
-1 Case (12 per) Progresso Chicken broth $3.00 or 0.25 cents per can (BEST DEAL!)
-Plus the Ragu and Hefty bags that I mentioned above.

I spent $44.13. I was pleased. Some were better deals than I have found elsewhere some were not. Hope this helps your readers.

Have any of you had any great experiences at the Case Lot Sales? If so, please comment below and let us know what you bought and if you thought you saved money.

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