Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What do You Think of Your Commissary...Here is Your Chance to Speak Up!

Did you know that many Commissaries hold quarterly focus groups to gather customer feedback?! Through this forum, you can offer opinions, viewpoints and perceptions about your local commissary.

A focus group seeks a variety of customers reflecting the store’s patron demographics, normally seven to 12 people. There are no permanent members -- patron participation changes with each meeting, so volunteering to participate is a one-time opportunity. Normally held quarterly, the meeting lasts about an hour, with refreshments and modest tokens of appreciation provided.

Often, focus group participants discuss product selection in the commissary. They may question a policy. They might have great ideas to make shopping in the commissary more convenient, efficient or enjoyable. Some customers want to speak up to keep certain things exactly the way they are. Once customers provide this valuable input, store directors proceed with a sense of urgency to develop action plans to help make patrons’ “dreams” come true and improve store operations.

Any active-duty or reserve forces member, retiree or military spouse who is an eligible commissary shopper is welcome to take part in a focus group. To get more information or to sign up, call your commissary’s customer service desk. Click here for a list of commissary store web pages that will provide you with their direct phone numbers.

If you are not in the mood to participate in a focus group, then voice your opinion in other ways:
-Speak directly to store personnel
-Fill out “Your Action Line” customer comment cards
-Fill out an online customer comment form found here

Let your voice(s) be heard!!