Saturday, June 6, 2009

Operation Hug-A-Hero and Daddy Dolls

In order to help children cope with deployment, Daddy Dolls (also known as Hug-A-Hero Dolls) were created by 2 military moms. These amazing dolls have a printed photo of daddy on the front, an optional 2nd photo on the back to create a double-sided doll, and they are made of a soft and washable fabric. The dolls even have a keepsake pocket that allows letters, pacifiers or even little trinkets to be hidden. The dolls also have a hidden re-recordable voice recorder. To view these dolls and other great products offered, click here.

Do you know a military child that would benefit from a Daddy Doll but whose family may not have the funds to purchase such a doll? Operation Hug-A-Hero™ was created to provide a tangible, huggable reminder to comfort the children and families of our nation’s military and public service “Heroes” by placing a Hug-A-Hero™ doll FREE into the eager arms of those in need.

There are several factors considered when choosing a family for Operation Hug-A-Hero™:

1. Chaplain’s Recommendation
2. Rank (junior ranks are given first priority)
3. Number of Children per Family
4. Length of Deployment

All Hug-A-Hero™ or Daddy Dolls™ are given to families based on need. If you or someone you know would benefit from the Operation Hug-A-Hero™ program, ask your Chaplain to contact Operation Hug-A-Hero.