Thursday, June 4, 2009

Books for Brats...First Children's Picture Books for Military Brats!

Check out these adorable children's books entitled "Daddy, You're My Hero!" and "Mommy, You're My Hero!" These books are written and illustrated by an adult military brat to help military families coping with deployment.

These children's picture books are unique because they:
-Are written and illustrated by a military brat who has experienced deployment of a parent during war.
-Feature military brats as “STARS” of the books and represent the diverse military community.
-Promote pride in family and community.
-Written from a child’s perspective. Do not speak in a patronizing or authoritative voice to children, but a comforting and entertaining one.
-Encourage discussion about parent’s absence.
-Help alleviate anger through understanding and provide coping concepts and outlets.
-Provide language for children to express confusing emotions.
-Promote awareness and diversity education in civilian community about the military family experience.
-Do not portray the military or their families as villains or victims, but a proud service community.

Click here to order Mommy, You're my Hero!
Click here to order Daddy, You're my Hero!
What a great Father's Day Gift!!