Friday, June 5, 2009

Looking for Something Unique to Send Your Loved One?

Check out this sweet site (literally) that allows you to create, design and send a cake to your loved one. The cakes are 9" single layer to serve 8 & they are baked fresh, frosted and shipped immediately. You can add military emblems & custom graphics to make them one of a kind; and you can request to have paperware added (i.e. disposable dessert plates, quality beverage napkins, sturdy plastic forks & plastic knife). You can even order a cake to be shipped to a loved one in Iraq (cakes have successfully traveled to Iraq in 100 degree temperatures)! has joined the Soldier's Angels Team of bakers! Each month the Soldier's Angels Organization identifies deployed units that are in need of extra Angel love. They may have been through an especially difficult experience during their deployment, living in especially trying conditions, or in need of a morale boost for a job well done. If you are interested in sponsoring a soldier, click here or call 1-800-WIRE-A-CAKE.