Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some Military Resources for You...

ZERO TO THREE is a national nonprofit organization that informs, trains and supports parents in their efforts to improve the lives of infants and toddlers. Click here to view a special portion of their website dedicated to military families where you will find the following resources...
-Watch the short movie entitled "Young Children on the Homefront: Family Stories, Family Strengths" where military families share their unique deployment experiences, and early childhood professionals offer some tips and strategies for families
-Download a variety of brochures that focus on the unique experience of parenting a baby or toddler, particularly during times of stress and separation that military families may be experiencing.
-Download 7 parent flyers that emphasize the importance of supporting babies and toddlers during deployment and relocation.
-Create your own Over There Children's book! You will be able to download the attached PDF (either the mommy version or the daddy version, depending on which parent is deployed), print it out, and attach photos that represent the spirit of the text. If you and your child are feeling extra creative, you can even draw your own illustrations. Do whatever feels right to capture your family's unique deployment story. After completing the book, keep it on hand and read it to your child as often as each of you would like.