Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Check out this offer to receive a FREE copy of the 2009 Entertainment Book (Note: you will have to pay $4.99 shipping/handling). You will then be automatically enrolled to receive a copy of the 2010 Entertainment Book which usually ships in August or September of 2009 (you will be charged for the full retail price of this book-usually between $25-$51 depending on the area). However, you can cancel at anytime by calling 1-866-770-0107 and you will only be charged a $5.00 cancellation fee for canceling within the first year. These books offer many 50% off and other valuable discounts for local and national restaurants (fine, casual and fast food dining), movie theaters, car washes, grocery stores, video rental stores, dry cleaning establishments, professional and college sporting events, and other attractions. In the end (if you choose to cancel your renewal membership), you will only be out $9.99 for a book that typically retails for at least $25...Not bad!