Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Resources from Military OneSource...

If you are pregant or are the parent of a new baby, check out these great (and FREE, of course!) CD's, booklets, and other materials offered by Military OneSource. In order to view the selection of items offered, click here and look at the middle of the page for "Booklets, CD's & Orderables." You will most likely need to log into Military OneSource to order these items (You are eligibile to be a member of Military OneSource if you are an active-duty service member (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force) or a family member; National Guard and Reserve members and their families are also eligible).

Some of these resources include:
-Baby Wheel which allows you to turn the dial to your baby's age and then learn about developmental milestones and how you can support your child's progress with activities that are fun for both of you.
-Being a Dad CD (58 mins) where eight fathers talk about what makes a great dad, how fathers can find a comfortable balance between their roles at work and at home, what children need from their fathers at different ages, and the benefits for men and their families of being more involved as fathers.
-Becoming a Mom: Voices from Around the World CD (60 mins) where ten women from around the world share their questions and answers, and struggles and joys as they talk about the toughest and most rewarding job of all -- becoming a mom. They talk about the biological clock, pregnancy and work, career choices, the child care challenge, mentors, and the balancing act.
-Several Booklets are also available entitled Becoming a Parent: Combining Work & Family, Questions Parents of Infants Ask, & Safety for Children from Birth to Age 3.
If any of these items interest you, then you simply click "put into basket" and then checkout.

If this particular toolkit does not interest you, check out these other kits offered:
Internet Safety Toolkit
Parenting as a Team Toolkit
Weight Loss Toolkit